World Resources Forum - Business models for a circular world

BUSINESS MODELS FOR A CIRCULAR WORLD Workshop in partnership with UTS business and industry leaders
Answering four big questions this panel workshop explores the what, how and why of operating business in a circular world. As the circular economy gains continued prominence in Europe and China, this session is designed to discover how businesses are implementing circular business models in Australia, the Asia Pacific and the United States. Panel members will draw on their experience and knowledge as practitioners, researchers and advocates working for a circular economy and audience members will contribute to the discussion. An overarching aim is to generate insights regarding how we might optimise business models to enable a valuable circular economy in the Asia-Pacific. 

• Melissa Edwards, UTS Business School • Candice Quartermain, Founder and joint CEO, Circular Economy Australia • James Moody, CEO Sendle and TuShare • Jason Graham-Nye, CEO and Co-Founder gDiapers | gNappies • Monique Retamal, Australian National University • Sam Sharpe, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS.