gCycle - The World's First Renewable Nappy Solution

gcycle Nappies

Over the last 2 years, I have been privileged to be part of the gCycle journey, developing the world's first  Renewable Nappy solution. 

Created by the founders of gDiapers, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye, gCycle is going to not only disrupt the nappy industry, it will shake the waste industry and the enhance the renewable energy sector. 

Nappies today are a huge waste problem due to the amount (80 million a year in Aus, 3 billion a year in UK and 50 Billion a year in the US), the toxicity, the length of time they take to degrade and the continued growing and ageing population.  

The solution is one where gCycle have redesigned a product into a purely premium and highly desirable resource which initially offers babies a healthy, safe, petrochemical free and super soft experience but then is collected and processed into a variety of renewable resources from compost through to clean energy.

What this nappy can transform into has no limits. Everything we test proves to be successful in regards to generating something valuable and fundamentally the solution its self keeps the nappy out of landfill which is our main objective. Eliminating waste as we know it. 

We are excited to be part of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation Co Project where we are collaborating with a variety of partners in the UK to trial and test the gCycle solution over the coming months. 

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