Candice Quartermain

Shaping our City: Collaborative Sydney

On Oct 1st, we heard from a diverse group of panellists who considered the opportunities within the collaborative economy. They discussed perspectives and opportunities across resources, transportation, food generation, human-centric design and the future of workplaces.

Event Overview 

The collaborative economy is a revolution, one being felt beyond the confines of the industries it disrupts. It is redefining consumption, styles of work, and ideas of community and ownership.

Our panel, featuring Candice Quartermain, Founder of Circular Economy Australia, Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door, Max Wilson, General Manager of Corporate Solutions, Mirvac, Harry Quartermain from 2000 Acres and more, will consider perspectives from development, planning, government, and business.

Our panel, featuring Candice Quartermain, Founder of Circular Economy AustraliaWill Davies, CEO of Car Next DoorMax Wilson, General Manager of Corporate Solutions, MirvacHarry Quartermain from 2000 Acres and more, will consider perspectives from development, planning, government, and business.

Please join us as we discuss how the collaborative economy will change Sydney, now and into the future.

Water Innovation Forum 2015

Water Innovation Forum 2015

Disruptive innovation can be the game changer for business success and economic growth, creating opportunities and improving customer engagement. In this session, Candice Quartermain - Program Director Circular Economy Australia, explores why we need disruptive innovation.

HotHouse STUFF - Exploring a Circular Economy

The world is waking up to the fact that we cannot endlessly dig up resources, use them, and discard them as waste. But now imagine a system where all our resources are endlessly reused or harmlessly returned to the biosphere – waste could get consigned to the history books.

Sound far-fetched? Circular Economy is an idea whose time has come. We don’t like the idea of silver bullet solutions but the ideas that have come out of the UK’s Ellen McArthur Foundation (EMF) over the past few years are so broad in their ambition, yet so fine in detail and so extensively thought out, that it’s hard not to get a little bit excited – that maybe this is the idea that will finally turn around our juggernaut global economy and pull us back from the brink of climate catastrophe.

Here in Australia, the term Circular Economy is still new to most people, but that is about to change. A few pioneers are leading the way – Candice Quartermain from Circular Economy Australia is joined on stage by Colin Bray. Colin will tell us the story of Desso, a carpet and floor-covering manufacturer that is exemplifying circular economy principles in the Australian market.

Presented by Candice Quartermain,
Founder/CEO, Circular Economy Australia
and, Colin Bray,
Regional Managing Director at Desso – Australia / New Zealand

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