imagine a world...

where we have an abundance of clean air, water and soil. Where everything we make is designed to be regenerative and renewable.

Candice believes that the Circular Economy can help us rethink the way we do things. With a clear intention for abundance and simple principles like designing out waste, the Circular Economy thinking has been inspired by many schools of thought including Cradle to Cradle, Biomimicry, Industrial Symbiosis, Performance Management and the Sharing Economy.

Candice provides a clear and engaging vision for the Circular Economy which when brought to life through powerful imagery, case studies and her own work has a powerful and lasting impact.

She looks at opportunities for organisational change through the lens of a circular economy. Much of her thinking comes from a strategic human centred perspective which seeks to understand how innovation in both design and technology will create positive social outcomes as well as economic ones.



Popular topics


Putting the Circular Economy to work

Why todays linear economy of take, make and throw away needs to change.

What is the Circular Economy and where does its modelling come from.

How is Circular Economy thinking being applied across cities, regions and organisations to the point of creating real transformative change.


Innovations transforming our economy

Why it is our life purpose to continually innovate.

What role has innovation played in creating our existing economy.

How can we continue to innovate in ways that genuinely create value for our future needs.

WOHAs traveling exhibition, Breathing Architecture July 2012.jpg

Designing for abundance

Why designing for abundance will get us excited about the future. 

What opportunities can we look forward to being a part of in a circular economy. 

How can simple design principles fundamentally help us solve our problems of today.

Other presentation topics

  • How the Circular Economy promotes people, places and products
  • New business models helping shape the Circular Economy
  • Why everyone is a designer and how we can all be the change
  • Designing with the end in mind. The role of a circular economy
  • Purpose led business - from purpose to purchase, the steps and why it matters for business
  • Disruptive Innovation, why faster and cheaper will loose the innovation race
  • Material flows, processes and product supply chains, how to find opportunities

Speaking services include*

  • Keynotes
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Panel facilitation
  • Lecturing
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Awards presentations
  • Appearances
  • Product promotions
  • Brand advocations

*Additional services are not limited to these areas, however it is critical that they align with Circular Economy principles.


Candice Quartermain Portrait

Candice is a woman of many talents...

She’s founded her own start-ups, has managed the future of innovation for global enterprises and is now taking center stage connecting industries and regenerative design with her organisation, Circular Economy Australia.

Founded in 2010, Circular Economy Australia seeks to push the nation into innovation superdrive and kick-start traditional businesses into Silicon Valley thinking. By moving away from the current take-make-throwaway model towards one of redesign-reuse-regenerate, Circular Economy Australia are pioneering how innovation can aid this transition.

With so many hats, Candice is an expert multi tasker, handling every situation with the kind of level-headedness and positivity you wish was actually contagious. From supporting individuals to leading large dynamic teams – Candice is your go-to for solving unique business problems and pushing boundaries.

Candice accelerates possibilities by shaping new technologies to solutions that simply make sense. Her work in the innovation space has won many awards for companies like Adidas, Unilever and General Motors.

In 2017, Candice is launching a book focused on how to put the Circular Economy to work.


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Book Launch Coming Soon

To infinity and beyond

“This book has been written to help ignite your inner leader, warrior, champion or advocate.

This book is a lever, to assist you in shifting your perspective from obstruction to opportunity. Cheering you on as you look for ways to improve your home, community, company and country.

Written to continuing the beating of the drum of individuals, organisations and governments, dedicating their journeys to continual improvement, transitioning away from a world of take, make and throw away, towards one that is regenerative and renewable”


"Candice is one of those rare individuals that knows how to shift perspectives and truly understand problems from both a technical and human scale. She is a true chameleon in the urban landscape, adapting to her environment and seeking out new ways to do business. Her deep understanding of circular economies challenges the status quo and shows a bright future for companies that are willing to truly innovate. Candice is an inspiration to a growing network of innovators and creatives in Australia."

Founder & CEO, Snepo

"It is one thing to intellectually and financially understand the circular economy, it is another to get individuals and organisations to put this new thinking into practice. Candice knows how to engage individuals and organisations collaboratively, creatively and purposely, so we can put the circular economy to work."


Author, New Woman, New Men, New Economy

"Candice brings her enormous intellectual might along with the very grounded, practical skills required for effective business management to any undertaking that she tackles. From creative out of the box thinking around revenue models to week to week discipline of moving projects forward, Candice has that unique ability to bring fresh ideas to old problems and the drive needed to make things happen. We just love working with her."

Co-founders gDiapers, gNappies, gCycle

"Candice is doing an excellent job at championing the Circular Economy here in Australia."

Founder & CEO, Sendle

"We invited Candice to our event to provide a circular economy industry perspective on behalf of Australia. Candice did well at informing the thinking, providing valuable examples of application and generating enthusiasm."


Organising Committee, World Resources Forum


"Candice is an insightful, authentic speaker. She has incredible passion for the circular economy, and brings this to the table, inspiring possibilities for betterment of our cities, communities and environment."

Marketing Manager, Arup

"I recently spoke alongside Candice at a Google event. It was certainly Candice’s passion that brought this event to life. I look forward to seeing more from Candice and the circular economy in the future."

Director, Google for Work APAC

Candice was an excellent addition to our festival. She created quite the impact on stage, leaving many, including myself excited about the future. Overall Candice’s passion for circular economy and making a positive change to our country is infectious and I wish more people had the drive that she does.

Festival Director, Destination NSW

Candice creates an energetic and engaging experience when she lectures at the Business School. Our students learn effective and practical applications for the Circular Economy. She really takes the time to help build connections for their MBA subject. Her workshop sessions really help to bring the subject to life, leaving everyone, including myself inspired.

Lecturer, UTS Business School

Candice Quartermain gave the keynote presentation at our NSW Annual Awards Dinner. Her speech on the circular economy was consistent with our desire to bring in notable practitioners from related fields to broaden our perspectives and to think differently about our own field.  Candice was able to clearly and concisely outline the concept of a circular economy, while engaging with the audience. Her presentation generated lots of great discussion at the tables over dinner.

President, Stormwater NSW Annual Awards Dinner